Protect your Orbit Reader 40 from wear and tear with this specially designed padded carrying case.
Made from durable nylon, it measures 38.6 × 17.4 × 6.9cm (15.2 × 6.9 × 2.7 inches) and includes an adjustable shoulder strap. The main compartment measures 19 × 19 × 3.8cm (7.5 × 7.5 × 1.5 inches) and has two sections – one to store the Orbit Reader 40 and the other for accessories, such as a charger and cable. You can adjust the size of the sections by moving the Velcro-edged divider.
Inside the top flap of the carrying case is a transparent pocket for storing business cards or similar items.
You can use your Orbit Reader 40 while it is in the padded case or remove it easily for use outside the case. 

The unit is not strapped into the case, so you cannot use it in the case in a vertical position (for example, while suspended from your shoulder or neck).

Barcode: HA006

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