This fashionable, lightweight ladies MigraLens® eyeshield, finished with a tortoiseshell effect, provides all-round protection.

Fitted with MigraLens®, the eyeshield is designed to help manage and soothe light-sensitive migraine, and reduce headache intensity and duration. MigraLens® is approved by the UK migraine charity, Migraine Action. It offers 100 per cent UV protection and 81 per cent absorption of light; meaning that it transmits 19 per cent of light (VLT percentage).

This eyeshield can also be used where high contrast yellow/amber lenses 'seem bright'.

How do MigraLens® eyeshields help with migraines?
The lenses are designed to absorb the specific wavelengths of light that have been identified by migraine headache researchers as causing migraine symptoms and sensitivity in migraine sufferers.
Artificial sources, such as screens and indoor lighting, which emit these wavelengths also create flicker and, along with the intensity of natural daylight, are often both the trigger for an attack and the cause of sensitivity that follows. MigraLens® provides a solution that helps people to live and cope in the many demanding environments that they find themselves in.

  • Ladies eyeshield
  • Tortoiseshell-effect brown plastic frame
  • MigraLens® Green lens filter provides blue and red light absorption and UV protection
  • For use in medium intensity sunlight (81 per cent absorption)
  • 100 per cent UV protection
  • Supplied with a black microfibre pouch
  • Size: 50 × 165 × 155mm (2 × 6.5 × 6.1 inches)
  • Weight: 37g (1.3oz)
  • 12-month warranty


  • Do not look directly at the sun or wear these eyeshields while driving.

Barcode: EH104

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