This little accessory can help you keep a secure grip on your phone, and also acts an impromptu stand for watching videos. It's easy to use and you can quickly swap the top to match your mood whenever you choose.

Simply stick the PopSocket to the back of your smartphone (works best with a smooth, hard plastic case) and away you go…

The PopSocket provides extra, secure grip – it slides between your fingers – while taking selfies, and acts as a stand so you can watch videos without having to hold the phone.

To attach the PopSocket, simply choose your position on the back of your phone, peel off the sticky label, place on phone and press down for a few seconds.

This specially designed RNIB-branded PopSocket is white with the RNIB logo and the words 'See differently' running around the edge in pink, green, and blue letters.

The white base is made with one third plant-based materials, as part of the manufacturer's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and waste.

And to change the RNIB-branded top – perhaps for something sparkly on a special occasion – just close the grip flat, press down and twist 90 degrees to swap it out.


  • Smartphone grip/stand.
  • Self-adhesive – see Important information below for details.
  • Swappable top.
  • Easily remove the top to wirelessly charge your phone.
  • Allows for hands-free use with PopMounts. Compatible with all mounts sold today.
  • Size: 33.8 × 7.7mm (25.25mm when expanded).
  • Weight: 5g.


  • To provide the best experience, we recommend using a smooth, hard plastic case. The adhesive gel on these products may stick well to other surfaces, but we can't guarantee that it will stick as securely as it does with a smooth hard plastic case.
  • It may not work with phones with no case; silicone cases (and many other soft cases); textured cases (for example, leather, or textile); phones with a glass surface.
  • Please retain packaging until you're sure you'd like to keep the product. This product is returnable within 14 days from purchase date.

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