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Read Write Inc (RWI) is a structured, synthetic phonics-based literacy programme that teaches reading, writing and spelling. It is aimed at children aged four to seven, but many braille learners may benefit from using the programme beyond age seven. The RWI programme consists of two parts – phonics sounds lessons and storybook lessons.

We have produced braille versions of the RWI storybooks for braille learners. These storybooks incorporate pages of uncontracted (grade one) braille into a print book, so that braille learners can read with a sighted peer.

The books can be used alongside phonics sounds lessons, in which the child learns to read and write the braille letters while learning the sounds that the letters represent. Once they have learnt enough letters and sounds, they can complete storybook lessons using the RWI braille storybooks, developing their fluency, comprehension and writing skills.

The RWI uses a different approach to teaching literacy from traditional braille reading schemes such as ‘Hands On’, in that it focuses on teaching children to decode words using phonic knowledge.

The RWI books are divided into eight levels (each containing 10 books), marked by different colours bands, from red (1) to grey (8). The complete order is: red, green, purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, grey. Select your colour from the drop-down menu below before adding to the basket. You are currently viewing the listing for the green colour band.

  • Print and braille Read Write Inc phonic books.
  • Green (level 2) colour band.
  • Set of 10 titles.
  • Uncontracted (grade one) braille.

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