This high-quality talking watch announces the time at the touch of a button – or when you touch or tap the touch-sensitive glass. It has a Swiss movement for excellent time-keeping, synchronised voice and hands, adjustable volume and no recessed buttons.

To hear the time in a natural voice, simply press one of the two easy-to-feel pusher buttons, tap the glass twice or touch the glass for half a second. You can use fingers, or, if you have one hand occupied, for example, with a cane or guide dog, your cheek to activate the voice.

Easy-to-use, the hands on these watches automatically synchronise to the internal time set, so there is no need to manually set the hands or to rely on someone else to help you. A spoken menu guides you if you need to set the time or date, and if you want to set an alarm. (The watch also has a snooze function.)

This small, contemporary talking watch has a silver-coloured chrome case; clear white face, with bold, contrasting black hands and numbers; and is completed with a turquoise soft silicone strap with contrasting white stitching.

It has an easy-to-see face and speaks the time in a natural female voice when the ‘talk time button’ (at two o’clock) is pressed or the touch-glass is activated. For example, “It’s eleven twenty am”.

Please note that you need to touch a large area of the glass surface for touch activation to work, for example, a whole fingertip or your cheek. Tapping it with just the tip of a fingertip may not activate the touch glass. The touch glass works best when the watch is on a wrist, but not so well if it’s on a table, for example.

Press the ‘talk date’ button at the four o’clock position to hear the date (for example, “Friday, July 9th, 2021”) and to adjust the volume (high/low).

The watch has a quartz Swiss movement with a metal gear and no second hand to ensure faster synchronisation of voice and hands. Because it only has two hands, for hour and minute, synchronisation of voice and hands is much faster than conventional movements with three hands.

Available in four colour options. You are currently viewing the chrome case with turquoise silicone strap.


  • Talking watch with turquoise soft silicone strap with steel buckle.
  • Silver-coloured chrome case.
  • Natural, English female voice.
  • Easy-to-see clear white face with bold, contrasting black hands and numbers.
  • Time and date announced in a natural voice at the press of a button or by touching the glass case.
  • Two easy-to-feel pusher buttons; no recessed buttons or crown.
  • Synchronised hands and voice.
  • Spoken menus talk you through setting time, date, alarm, and volume.
  • Snooze function.
  • Nickel-free case with stainless steel case back.
  • Case size: 35mm diameter (1.38 inches).
  • Minimum wrist size: 140mm (5.51 inches).
  • Maximum wrist size: 190mm (7.48 inches).
  • Weight: 43g (1.52oz).
  • Two-year guarantee.

Batteries and strap

  • RNIB does not guarantee batteries or watch straps.
  • The expanding strap have an easy-to-use adjusting link – just flick open the cover over the link and slide the strap to your chosen position and click the cover closed.
  • Supplied with a CR2032 battery fitted.
  • We recommend that only trained jewellers or watch specialists fit new batteries to avoid any damage to the watch.


  • When you first receive the watch, it will be in silent mode to preserve battery life. To activate the watch voice you must hold the button at two o’clock for five seconds until it announces the set time.
  • If the sound becomes quiet or distorted, or the hands fail to move properly, please replace the battery using a professional jeweller.
  • This watch is not water-resistant.
  • This watch is not radio-controlled.


  • When not in use, store your watch in a clean, dry, soft container, ideally in the original box you will receive it in.
  • Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth after wear.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption. 

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