If you’d like advice on the right cane for your needs, or to arrange cane training for yourself or a relative, please contact your local society or Social Services team for assistance. Contact our Helpline for help finding your local service, or go online at

Under the Care Act 2014, local authorities should provide you with aids and minor adaptations up to the value of £1,000. In all cases where you need a cane or other products that support your independence, do speak to your local council to discuss your needs and what they should provide you with. This could include white canes, products that help in the kitchen or other adaptations that will support you.

Symbol canes indicate that the carrier has sight and/or hearing loss; they aren't designed as support aids or navigation aids.

Guide canes help you find obstacles before they find you! You hold a guide cane diagonally across your body and then use it to find obstacles in front of you such as kerbs or steps. We recommend getting advice from a professional, for example a mobility officer, before purchasing a guide cane.

Long canes are rolled or tapped from side to side as you walk, to find your way and avoid obstacles. Training is needed to use a long cane safely and effectively.

Buying the right length
All cane measurements are from the top of the handle to the bottom end of the tip and increase in steps of five centimetres (or two inches).

Children's canes (12 to 34 inches)
Special order length canes cannot be returned unless they're faulty and can take up to six weeks for delivery.

Personalised canes
Please call our Helpline to order your personalised cane. Your bespoke cane cannot be returned unless it is faulty and can take up to six weeks for delivery.

Shaft colour
Pick a single colour or a mix: White, Red, Pink, Yellow, Red stripes, Green, Gold, Blue, Orange, Purple, Black.

HiLite colour
Add a golf-grip handle and a tip in the same colour: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple.

As standard, canes are fitted with a black golf-grip handle. 
Personalise your cane with a brightly coloured golf-grip handle, a wood or cork handle or a crook handle.

Ordering a special order cane
To place a special order for a customised cane, please call us on 0303 123 9999.

Barcode: MOBZ-SIGN

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