Never lose a sock in the wash again with these handy pairing discs.

These circular rubber discs are designed to keep your socks paired together in the washing machine, tumble dryer and your sock drawer. Each disc has a star-shaped slot in the middle; simply push your dirty socks through, to ensure they stay as a pair and then wash and dry as usual.

This product has undergone extensive testing to ensure there is no risk of snagging, colour-staining or damaging the socks, other garments or the washer or dryer.

  • Pack of 20 pairing disks.
  • Simple design and easy to use.
  • Washing machine- and tumble dryer-safe.
  • No snagging or colour-staining.
  • Four mixed colours; white, green, turquoise and grey.


  • Non-returnable due to hygiene reasons, unless faulty, or unopened (bag seals intact).

Barcode: DK190

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