This battery-operated colour detector is easy to use and will announce basic colours in a clear male English voice.

The unit detects 12 basic colours – white, grey, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, brown and olive green – and will also indicate colour intensity: light, dark, very light and very dark. It may indicate that an item is “very light blue” or “dark brown”.

The detector can see colours in various combinations and shades. Low colour saturation is indicated by the word ‘grey’.

When in use, the detector will repeat the colour continuously, so it is recommended that you wait for the second reading after positioning the nozzle.

To get the best result on clothing, make sure you gather material together to make a more solid colour to read.

The unit also works as a light detector. If it is held away from a surface it will beep if it detects daylight or artificial light. 

A headphone jack can be found at the base of the unit (headphones included).


  • Talking colour detector.
  • Identifies 12 basic colours.
  • Identifies four colour intensities, from ‘very dark’ to ‘very light’.
  • Functions as a light detector.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Headphones supplied.
  • Size: 6.7 × 14 × 4cm.

Battery information

  • Requires one 9v battery (supplied).


  • It is recommended that the cover be kept fitted to the device at all times when not in use to protect both the detectors and calibration device. Damage or discolouration of this surface will lead to inaccurate readings.
  • Take care not to allow anything to be pushed inside the nozzle to avoid damage to the sensors.
  • It is not recommended to use this product to detect colours of electrical wires/cables or any item that does not have a flat surface. If the surface is not flat, it will cause light to get into the optical reader causing an inaccurate reading.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: DH289

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