Front view of Verbalise pocket medication reminder clock

Keep on top of medication regimes with reminders from this radio-controlled talking pocket clock.

Set up to eight daily alarms so you never miss a dose.

The clock is radio-controlled (UK and US only) which means the time and date are set automatically by radio signal (time can be set manually in other parts of the world, but may require sighted assistance). This also means the clock will automatically update when the clocks change in the spring and the autumn, and therefore means you should never have to change the time manually unless out of the signal range.

It has two English voice settings (male and female), two clock settings (12-hour or 24-hour) and speaks the time at the press of a large button. (Press twice to hear the date.)

When the battery is low, the LCD shows a blinking low battery icon. The voice, signal reception and backlight functions will not operate.

This pocket clock has a black front and white back with contrasting buttons (white buttons on the front, black buttons on the back). It is supplied with a carabiner clip and a lanyard, and can be used as a keyring.

This clock is to be used only as an organisational aid in taking your medication and the responsibility for correct medication compliance is solely the responsibility of the consumer.

  • Pocket medication reminder keychain.
  • Automatically updates when the clocks change.
  • Atomic radio-controlled time and date reception.
  • Global signals available for UK and US (60KHz only).
  • Signal strength indicator.
  • Manual signal reception.
  • Signal reception success or failure indicator.
  • Time can also be set manually. Date cannot be set manually.
  • Eight daily alarms.
  • 12 or 24-hour LCD display and voice announcement.
  • Dual voice: Clear English male or female voice.
  • Colour: black and white.
  • Size: 6.4 × 3.9 × 1.2cm.
  • Interchangeable keychain or lanyard.
  • Carabiner clip and lanyard included.
  • Two-year warranty (not including battery).


  • Supplied with a CR2032 battery.
  • Easy to change battery.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • RNIB does not guarantee batteries.


  • Your clock may arrive in sleep mode to preserve the battery. To wake up your keychain, press the talk button for around two seconds.
  • The date cannot be adjusted manually.
  • The Time Zone button is flush with the case and you will need to press this with a pointer (such as a pen or opened out paper clip). Sighted assistance might be required.

This item is eligible for VAT exemption.

Barcode: DH473

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