Make your cane smarter!

Give your cane a brain – add WeWALK to your long cane to transform it into a smart cane that vibrates when it detects objects above chest level, and gives you information about your surroundings, including public transport, via its touchpad.

Designed to increase independence, WeWALK uses a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, directional vibration motors, microprocessor, touchpad, speaker and Bluetooth Low Energy module.

WeWALK combines the new with the old skool to improve your safety as you walk. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles above chest level and vibrates when these objects are near, but it also gives you the ground feedback of your long cane. You can set the obstacle detection distance to suit you (obstacle detection distance is 80-160cm / 2.6-5.2ft), and change other cane settings, including volume for audio feedback.

WeWALK’s Bluetooth connectivity and touchpad control lets you keep one hand free and leave your smartphone in your pocket. Use WeWALK’s touchpad for quick smartphone control. (The WeWALK app is compatible with both Android v5.0 or higher and iOS10 or higher.) WeWALK’s Navigation feature lets you use clock directions, destination tracking, and low-vision mapping. Discover new places around you with automatic voice feedback as you walk past them, or get a full list of nearby shops, restaurants, and everything in between.

The WeWALK app also lets you view public transport stops near you and learn the times of the public transport lines passing through the stop. After you get on the public vehicle, when approaching the stop where you will get off, WeWALK notifies you by sending notifications to avoid missing the stop. Voice feedback can come from the WeWALK’s built-in speaker or use Bluetooth headphones for more privacy.

You can also use find your cane using your phone and vice versa by playing a sound on each.

To recharge your WeWALK, simply plug the supplied cable into the micro-USB input on the cane. Plug the USB-A end of the cable into a computer USB port or into a USB power adapter (not included). WeWALK charges in two to three hours and runs for 20 hours (battery life can be longer as the built-in sleep function conserves energy).

Please note: The WeWALK must be used with a white cane, and should not be used without prior training to use a white cane.

WeWALK is supplied with an Ambutech folding white cane, WeWALK white cane adapter, roller tip, marshmallow tip and wrist strap.

Available in three lengths – 119cm (47 inches) , 137cm (54 inches), refurbished 137cm (54 inches) and 149cm (59 inches); select your length from the drop-down menu below before adding to the basket. You are currently viewing the listing for the 119cm length cane.

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