New Year sale
  • 2018 Stationery

    Image shows our range of diaries and calenders

    Browse our new range of big print and braille stationery.

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  • Learning braille

    Image shows the DK Braille Counting book

    Explore our range of both touch and sight braille items 

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  • Bestsellers 

    Image shows the RNIB communiclock on a table and a hand pressing the button on the top

    Check out some of our current bestselling products!

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  • New in

    Image shows the talking hob

    Take some time to browse all of the exciting new additions to the online shop 

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  • Sewing and DIY 

    Image shows nimble cutting tool being used to open a cardboard box

    These handy tools are designed to make sewing and DIY tasks safer and easier. 

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  • Lighting
    Image shows Daylight Floor lamp with accessories

    Make the most of your sight with our range of lighting solutions for use at home or on the go

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