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The 2023 RNIB Everyday Living Catalogue contains our bestsellers and a wide selection of our popular and essential everyday items.

The catalogue is available in the following formats:

  • Accessible PDF file to download (printed text with images)
  • Braille Ready Format file to download (zipped brf files)
  • Audio MP3 files to download
  • Large 16-point print (IP413P)
  • Contracted Unified English Braille (IP413B)
  • DAISY audio CD (IP413CD)


Discover the new RNIB Accord combination USB player and Bluetooth speaker, it's our most advanced audio device and designed specifically for blind and partially sighted users, with easy-to-use tactile controls, easy-to-locate ports, bookmarking features and chapter skipping function.

Join our free Library services and enjoy your favourite novels in your preferred format. Sign up to RNIB Newsagent for newspapers and magazines and get support for learners from RNIB Bookshare.

Games and leisure

Make the most of sunny afternoons in the garden or grey days stuck inside with our tactile and large print games. We’ve got word games and strategy games, not to mention tactile dice and dominoes and our new tactile magnetic Ludo.


Whether you want to be named Star Baker or simply make a cup of tea with confidence, our accessible kitchen range is here to help.  We’ve got gadgets for measuring ingredients, checking temperature, preparing food, and opening containers.


Your bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the most important.


Everyone needs good levels of light, and these needs increase as we get older. As your eyes age, less light reaches the retina at the back of your eyes, which transmits information to your brain. Most people aged 60 need three times more light than when they were 20. Enhanced lighting can be extremely beneficial to people experiencing sight loss, but some eye conditions can result in glare problems even in normal light levels, which can be uncomfortable or even intolerable.

TV and music

Make channel surfing simple with our big button TV remotes. Tune in to your favourite radio stations with easy‑to-use radio sets.

Clocks and watches

Save yourself time with radio-controlled clocks and watches, which all set automatically, out of the box, and update themselves when the clocks change in autumn and spring. Our talking watches can tell you the time at the press of a button, no matter where you are, and our easy-to-see clocks and watches have bold hands and numbers with clear spacing for better contrast. 

Health and mobility

Look after your health with our talking blood pressure monitors and thermometers. We’ve also got pill organisers and eye drop dispensers to make your everyday needs easier. 

Labelling and voice recorders

Voice recorders can help you label objects in your home, school or workplace, or record shopping lists and other messages so that you never forget an ingredient again!

Our easy-to-use PenFriend labelling device lets you record your own voice on to sticky labels which you can attach to a wide range of items, such as spice jars, your CD or vinyl collection, clothing and beauty products or even plant seed packets.

Our bestselling Orange BumperStops are an effective way to label everyday items such as your washing machine to identify the different settings, to your oven hob dials to indicate different temperatures or to your keyboard to mark an important key.


Whether you’re writing a letter to a loved one or a list of things to do, our range of writing guides and lined paper can help you to express yourself clearly.

Our Big Print stationery collection features large print diaries and calendar with bold print on high quality white paper. All diaries now have sturdy eco-friendly board covers and all plastic packaging has been removed from the calendars and diaries, which now come in a paper envelope.


Magnify images and documents on a screen with an electronic magnifier (also known as CCTVs or video magnifiers) or an optical magnifier.

Portable magnifiers are ideal for taking out and about to read food labels, menus or bus timetables, while desktop electronic magnifiers are great for longer reading sessions – whether that’s magazine articles or textbooks.

RNIB recommends that you have a low vision assessment before considering purchasing any type of magnifier. These devices may be available to you on permanent loan through your local low vision provider funded by the NHS. It is important that the magnifier is the correct power and type. 

A low vision practitioner can help you to find the best options for you. If you’re not sure who provides this service in your area, you can find out by calling our Helpline on 0303 123 9999, by emailing [email protected], or by searching your postcode on sightlinedirectory.org.uk

Technology and computing

Call our Technology for Life team on 0300 123 9999 to talk about your computing needs. We may have a Technology Volunteer in your area that can help with set up, software installation and connection to your internet.

Telephones and tablets

Landline phone features include large buttons with bold contrasting numbers, and big memory buttons for speed dialling. Our cordless phones have DECT technology for clearer digital sound.

RNIB Technology Grant Scheme

Some products are available through the RNIB Technology Grant Scheme, including iPhones, video magnifiers, RNIB PenFriend 3, kitchen equipment, clocks and watches, and DAISY players. For further information visit: rnib.org.uk/grants

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