Tired of waiting to welcome our new Robot Overlords? Help your children start the revolution with this accessible creative robotics kit. The Twin Science Discovery Set brings science experiments to life and teaches children robotics in an enjoyable and instructive way. It uses easily combined electronic blocks to simplify and explain how complicated-looking technological devices work. Each block is clearly labelled in braille enabling mini-engineers to explore science through touch. 

Combine different components and sensors to make self-propelled cars robots torches and simple circuits. The set contains 25 magnetically connected modules and 25 sample experiments which support innovation-focused thinking. Once they’ve mastered these children can combine modules in hundreds of new ways and can create their own projects. (Hopefully none of them will ask you for “your clothes your boots and your motorcycle…”)

  • Advanced kit recommended for children who are already interested in robotics.
  • Accessible creative robotics kit for children.
  • Combine components to make hundreds of different projects including a self-propelled car robot or torch.
  • Set contains 25 blocks each clearly labelled in braille and 25 sample experiments.
  • Size: 8.5 × 29.7 × 16.2cm (3.34 × 11.7 × 6.37 inches).
  • Weight: 800g (28.2oz).

Barcode: ET45

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