White dominoes with black dots in front of the wooden storage case

Set of 28 double six easy-to-see and tactile dominoes – ideal for any keen player and great for playing by sight or by touch.

These white plastic dominoes have large, indented black dots and a black line with tactile brass marker dividing the two halves. They come in a wooden case for easy storage.

Suitable for ages six and upwards.

  • Set of 28 double six easy-to-see and tactile dominoes.
  • White dominoes with indented black dots.
  • Supplied in a black plastic case.
  • Each domino measures 4.8 × 2.4 × 0.6cm (1.88 × 0.94 × 0.23 inches).

Please note: This product can only be returned if in original, unopened packaging or if it is faulty.

Barcode: GB87

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