Rechargeable clip-on magnifier lamp facing right against a pale blue background

Make sure your leisure is a pleasure with this clip-on magnifier light. Ideal for reading sewing and crafting this rechargeable LED lamp gives you extra light exactly where you need it.

Clip this lamp on to your book table or headboard (up to a maximum width of 5cm) and use the flexible neck to direct the bright 160 lumens LED light where you need it. The light has a 1.3× magnifier built in for when you need extra clarity.

You can adjust the brightness of the light using the touch-sensitive ON/OFF button – simply press and hold to gradually dim the brightness. Simply stop pressing the button when the light is suitable dimmed.

Recharge the light using the supplied micro USB cable. It fully charges in three hours and provides four hours of light on a full charge. When charging via USB the indicator light will be on; when fully charged the indicator light will be off.

  • Portable and lightweight LED clip-on light with magnifier.
  • Touch sensitive ON/OFF button.
  • Press and hold ON/OFF button to dim brightness.
  • Flexible neck allows you to conveniently place the light and magnifier where it is needed.
  • Maximum opening size of clip is 5cm.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Provides up to four hours of light on one full charge (up to eight hours if lower brightness is used).
  • USB cable included (adaptor not included product code HT376).
  • Product colour: White.
  • Size: 45 × 12 × 12cm (17.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 inches).
  • Weight: 200g (7.5oz).
  • Bulb lifespan: Up to 50 000 hours.

Light output

  • Light source: LED.
  • Lumens: 160.
  • Lux: Maximum of 180 Lux at 30cm.
  • Colour temperature: 4 000K.
  • CRI: 80+.
  • Power consumption: 5W.

Magnifier specification

  • 1.3× magnification.
  • 7cm (2.75 inch) diameter lens.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • USB cable for charging included. Not supplied with a USB charger plug. This must be ordered separately.


  • Two-year warranty.

Barcode: DH456

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