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Compact USB charger plug providing 2.1 amps (2.1A) of power for faster charging of your existing devices. Some products don't include a mains USB plug and rely on a computer for charging. This generic charger will charge your USB devices directly from the mains, so you don't have to connect them to a PC.

Connect your existing USB cable into the USB plug, plug into the wall and connect your device to the other end of the cable, for simple charging.

  • DC USB mains charger plug.
  • Single USB port (1-port).
  • 10.5 watts (10.5W).
  • 2.1 amps (2.1A).
  • Standard five volts (5v) output.
  • Colour: black.
  • Weight: 50g (1.76oz).


  • No cable is included with this product. Plug supplied only.
  • Please note that plug design may vary.

Returns and warranty

  • 12-month warranty.

Barcode: HT376

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