Dot-to-dot is a self-teach uncontracted braille course. This version of the course is designed for people learning to read braille by sight, for example, teachers.

For people learning braille because of sight loss, there is a touch learners pack available.

This USB memory stick contains the braille and the print files for the complete Dot-to-Dot for sighted learners scheme. It is for use with a computer – please note, it does not contain audio files.

Compared with the touch learners pack, the Dot-to-Dot sight learners pack takes a quicker route at the early stages, as reading braille by sight is considerably easier than reading by touch. However, you’re encouraged to work through the pre-braille skills in Book 1 using touch, as this will help you appreciate the skills involved, especially if you go on to support touch learners.

This pack teaches the complete uncontracted braille code and uses plenty of reading and writing activities to consolidate learning.

The course has a heavy emphasis on the practical use of braille from the start and includes tactile braille booklets. You can download a free dotted cell practice sheet from the User Guides section on this page.

Barcode: TC21442-USB

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