A second stage scheme for young learners to develop phonic skills, knowledge of braille contractions and word signs, as well as encouraging enjoyment of reading and writing. 

The course takes the learner who has completed Hands On or Braille for Infants to the end of the contracted braille code (grade 2). This braille reading scheme has been produced in consultation with the VIEW Children's Braille Committee.

This USB memory stick contains braille and print files for all 12 volumes of the Take Off course and the teachers’ handbook. It is for use with a computer – please note, it does not contain audio files.

Pack contents

  • 12 series, 62 books in total and each contains a practice page and story.
  • Series 1 to 6 have six books each.
  • Series 7 and 8 have five books each.
  • Series 9 to 12 have four books each.
  • Books in series 1 to 10 also include a fun page of activities to encourage braille writing.


  • Take Off does not introduce the uncontracted braille code, this is covered by the first stage scheme called Hands On.
  • Includes braille capital letter sign.
  • Braille for Infants, a first stage scheme, is no longer available.

Barcode: TC21413-USB

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