Fingerprint is a contracted (grade 2) braille course designed for people learning to read braille by touch because of sight loss. It can be used to teach others or as a self-teach course.

Starting with pre-braille skills the complete contracted braille code is taught in small steps with plenty of practice exercises which include short reading passages and writing exercises.

The course consists of 11 braille volumes and includes sections covering practical daily uses of braille capitalisation and the code for representing email and web addresses. These volumes are used in conjunction with the instructional text.

The reference sign book is a summary of all the signs used in contracted braille. Beginning with the alphabet and alphabetic word-signs this book covers everything included in the Fingerprint course.

This USB memory stick contains the braille and the print files for the complete Fingerprint scheme including reference sign book as well as the course instructions (braille and print files). It is for use with a computer – please note it does not contain audio files. 

Barcode: TC21439-USB

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