Can you feel the love on this beautiful, heart-shaped silver pendant? Yes, you can! Handmade from 100 per cent recycled silver, the pendant has ‘love’ brailled on the front, a heart-shape indented beneath the braille, and a ridged line texture on the back.

Each pendant is individually made from silver metal clay, which looks and feels much like ordinary sculpting or porcelain clay, but it is made from extremely fine (micron-sized) particles of pure fine silver, mixed with a non-toxic organic binder and water.

Silver metal clay can be rolled, textured, coiled, carved and sculpted using innovative techniques that aren’t possible with traditional metalsmithing. Once transformed into a work of art, the creation is dried and refined, then fired to just below the melting point of silver. The binder and water burn away, the silver particles fuse together, and the result is a strong, solid piece of silver, which is then polished.

Please note, due to the handmade making process and shrinkage during firing, the size, weight and style of each item will vary slightly.

Available with or without a 45cm trace chain. You are currently viewing the listing for the pendant with chain.

When you buy this product, it supports the work we do at RNIB to make every day better for those affected by sight loss.

Please note, this is a bespoke, handmade item and delivery may take two to three weeks.

  • Heart-shaped silver pendant with ‘love’ in braille.
  • Ridged line texture on reverse.
  • Heart-shaped indent beneath the braille.
  • Jump ring for chain attached.
  • 45cm trace chain included.
  • Material: 99.9 per cent fine silver (from silver metal clay using 100 per cent recycled silver).
  • Braille dot height: 0.5mm (+ / - 0.1mm).
  • Size: 24mm × 24mm.
  • Approximate thickness: 1mm.
  • Pendant weight: 3.25g.
  • Chain weight: 1.75g.
  • Supplied with soft cloth for polishing.

How to care for your jewellery

  • Put jewellery on after products like lotion, perfume and hairspray.
  • Do not soak, shower or submerge your jewellery, chlorine is damaging. Rinse off any chemicals you come into contact with.
  • All sterling silver needs to be cleaned periodically. Use silver tarnish removal products.

Special order  
We work with partners to deliver products on our behalf. If you’re buying a special order product, we will pass on your contact information to our partners to enable delivery. This is a bespoke, handmade item and delivery may take two to three weeks – outside of our standard terms and conditions for these products. 

Important – order cancellations and returns  
We are unable to cancel your order once it has been placed. Should you change your mind about this special order product, you will need to accept the delivery and then contact RNIB Helpline to arrange its return; guidance on how to do this can be found in our Returns Policy.

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