This braille frame, featuring 27 lines with 30 cells each, allows you to braille a full A4 sheet of paper without having to move the frame. Once you've written on one side, you can turn the paper over and emboss the other side using the interline braille writing method. The frame also has two rows for holding labelling tape in place.

Work from right to left and write all braille symbols in reverse so that when the paper is removed and turned over your braille will be the right way round.

It's made of durable black shock-resistant plastic and consists of two plates a lower groove plate and an upper cell plate, in between which you place your sheet of paper. Great for home, school, or work, it's lightweight and easily transportable in a backpack or bag.

  • Durable shock-resistant plastic braille frame (also known as a braille slate).
  • Braille on one of the paper - single line spaced.
  • Braille on both sides of the paper - double line spaced (interlined).
  • Use with paper, plastic film or braille labelling tape.
  • 27 lines, 30 cells per line (810 cells in total).
  • Supplied with a saddleback style.
  • Size: 22.22 × 30.48 cm (8.75 × 12 inches).

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