Front cover of Humpty Dumpty and other touching rhymes

This book of classic nursery rhymes uses large print, braille and tactile illustrations to bring the stories and characters to life. The book also includes a step-by-step descriptive tour of each illustration in a supplementary booklet tucked in a pocket in the front of the book.

You can feel every layer of brick in Humpty’s wall, not to mention his scrawny legs and arms and egg-shaped head. He’s joined by the cow who jumped over the moon, a baa baa black sheep, a hickety pickety hen, and many other Mother Goose characters.

  • Large print, tactile and braille.
  • Uncontracted Unified English Braille (Grade 1); may contain American English spellings.
  • Ages: Pre-school to nine years.
  • 32 pages.
  • Authors: Shirley Keller & Irma Goldberg.
  • Publisher: National Braille Press.
  • Size: ‎26.67 × 0.64 × 20.32cm

Barcode: ET79

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